msouth role pre-investment

We believe in working very closely with each management team prior to making an investment. Because of the long-term partnership that we seek to form with management, we consider it essential that we get to know each other as well as possible before the closing of any transaction. MSouth's pre-acquisition activities include:

Development of Strategic and Financial Plan

It is of critical importance that we become thoroughly familiar with the company's operational and financial model as well as its related industry and market dynamics. This process can effectively contribute to the success of each company. MSouth will work with the management team to develop a strategic and financial plan designed to build equity value over a four to seven-year time horizon.

Financing and Closing the Transaction

In most cases, we provide or arrange for all of the capital necessary to close a transaction. We maintain many active relationships within the financing markets and are fortunate to have forged strong relationships with leading lending institutions. We believe that these relationships, which have been built as a result of our many years of successful experience, help ensure that each company's capital structure is properly designed. In addition to the financing, we typically coordinate all of the other external professional services required to close a transaction (legal, accounting, environmental, insurance, etc.).

Delivering on Our Commitments

We have a longstanding reputation of delivering on our commitments. During this pre-acquisition period we will communicate in an open, straightforward manner. We will clearly outline the proposed terms of the transaction, and we will honor those terms.